Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Put it in your ears: 3/9

I'm back, everybody. I didn't think people would mind if I took a little vacation from IYE, but after hearing several "What's the deal?"s, I decided to get back on the trolley.

I hope you'll all forgive my lack of musical post-osity.

To kick off my rebirth, I've decided to put my playlist on random and give you five classics from my archives.

Put this in your ears:
Mulling it Over - Blues Traveler
Wherever I May Roam - Metallica
Either Way - Guster
Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden (GREAT song to sing on Rock Band, by the way, if you ever get the chance)
The Heart of Rock & Roll - Huey Lewis and the News

Expect more posts soon, as the music juices are once again flowing through my veins. Thanks for sticking with me through these troubling times.

1 comment:

ali said...

I was wondering if something scared you away!