Friday, March 20, 2009

Get This Song: Carry On Wayward Son

Song: Carry On Wayward Son

Artist: Kansas

Album: Leftoverture

Genre: Progressive Rock

What makes it good: The opening vocals, the picking guitar solos and the fact that it's on the soundtrack to the very best movies ever made.

Thoughts: If my life were a movie, this song would be among the first I'd pick for the soundtrack. It's just such a cool song. It's perfect for the air guitar sessions when you think no one is watching, cruising with the window rolled down, or your once-a-month workout session. Everyone needs this song in their personal collections.

From the same artist:
Dust in the Wind
Point of Know Return
Devil Game

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Keith Parsons said...

On my mission we had a guy who would 'rename' his cassette tapes to make them more 'benign'.

This was called, "Carry on my wayward Sunbeam" (try the new lyrics...)

Or rename lead singers - like "Gordon B. Lightfoot", or "Paul H. McCartney" - that kind of thing.

Finally one guy had his brother purchase all the Mormon Tab tapes available, then cover up the recording holes and record his rock music over the Tab's tapes. We always wondered why he was soooo into the Tab.

Now you know why current missionaries can't use headphones!